Parks + Kids = FUN!

This weekend our Mini Managers undertook some essential research for the blog post... To decide whether or not the Burleigh Esplanade provides some fun. The outcome.... PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. A stones throw away from the The Burleigh Gold Coast Motel, the Burleigh Esplanade offers an extensive selection of parks and activities. Stretching between the North Burleigh / Miami Lookout right down to the picturesque Burleigh Headland, this strip of beauty is a family haven. With grassy fields for picnics delights, BBQ stations to throw a snag on, parks galore and a walking, biking, skating, kart wheeling track the entire way, there is nothing quite like it on the entire Gold Coast. Bordering what is becoming the Gold Coast's number one beach, the Burleigh Esplanade can literally be... a great day out!

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