The Valleys Hidden Gem - Freemans Organic Farm 🚜

The Gold Coast showcases 2 amazingly beautiful natural hideaways tucked away in its lush hinterland... Currumbin and Tallebudgera Valley. Both unique in their own rights with parks and cafes in Tallebudgera and the famous rock pools in Currumbin. One place though that has been around for many years but is little know is Freemans Organic Farm located on Tomewin Mountain Road in Currumbin Valley.

A family farm through 4 generations their main produce has been the banana 🍌 However they have expanded over the years and grow and sell a large number of things such as avocados, herbs and paw paw. Farmer David Freeman also now provides farm tours where you can learn everything there is to know about farming fruit.

They now also have a beautiful organic cafe next to the fruit and veggie stall where you can purchase delicious local produce, sip on a coffee and take in the spectacular views from the lookout.

A great morning out which we highly recommend, especially the lady finger bananas, so delish! 😋

More information can be found at

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